Mr. Robert Yates

Mr. Robert Yates

Director, Global Health Programme; Executive Director, Centre for Universal Health

Robert Yates is an internationally recognized expert on universal health coverage (UHC) and progressive health financing. At Chatham House he was previously project director of the UHC Policy Forum before leading the Global Health programme and centre for universal health.

His principal area of expertise is in the political economy of UHC, with a focus on advising political leaders and government ministries on how to plan, finance and implement national UHC reforms. He has previously worked as a senior health economist with the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the World Health Organization (WHO), advising numerous governments in Asia and Africa on health financing policy and health system reforms.

Mr Yates is a member of the ‘Health for All’ Thematic Group of the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network. He received his BA in Natural Sciences and Economics from Queens’ College Cambridge and his MBA from Leeds University.

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