Prof. (Dr.) Jill Marshall

Jill Marshall,  full time Law Professor in the Department of Law and Criminology in the School of Law and Social Sciences at Royal Holloway where she has worked since August 2017. Her previous appointments were at Queen Mary University of London and the University of Leicester. Before becoming an academic, she was a senior international litigation lawyer. Professor Marshall is an expert in feminist legal theory and the human rights of women. Her work connects law with justice, humanity, care and belonging, particularly in relation to women’s lives, and interrogates the role law plays in creating, representing and protecting certain aspects of our identity and personal freedom. She has written widely on these topics including three monographs, Humanity, Freedom and Feminism; Human Rights Law and Personal Identity; and Personal Freedom through Human Rights Law?. Dr. Marshall’s current projects include working on a GCRF network grant in Uganda; confidentiality in giving birth in times of conflict and peace, Islamic and other dress bans, and law and humanities research using the work of Georges Perec.

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