Prof. (Dr.) Archana Parashar

Archana Parashar is Honorary Associate Professor, Macquarie Law School, Macquarie University, Australia. She received a Master’s degree in Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, in 1981. In 1990, she completed her PhD from the Australian National University. She is a Visiting Professor at NALSAR, Hyderabad. Her research interests and teaching responsibilities include the following broad subject areas: Jurisprudence, History and Philosophy of Law, Feminist legal theory, Family Law, Discrimination and the Law, and Globalization and the Law. She has published several books and many articles. Her books include: Women and Family Law Reform in India (1992); Engendering Law: Essays in Honour of Lotika Sarkar (co-edited, 1999); Redefining Family Law in India: Essays in Honour of B. Sivaramayya (co-edited, 2008); Decolonisation of Legal Knowledge (co-edited, 2009); The Family in Law (co-authored with Francesca Dominello; 2017).

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