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Research is an endeavor to discover truth.  It is a careful investigation and enquiry with an endeavour to find relevant facts, which will be useful in the future. The purpose behind conducting research is to find solutions to a fundamental problem. If we have a quality research outcome, then it might lead to further improvements in the society, directly or indirectly.

The basic aim and purpose of conducting research is to inculcate original thinking and analysis, but extensive copying and plagiarism counters such purpose. There is no shortcut to truth. Academic research is the foundation of innovative ideas. Academic research is a tool for building knowledge and facilitating learning. Higher education is preparation for qualified researchers who would continuously develop the frontiers of knowledge. Quality within this viewpoint is more about research publications and transmission of the academic rigour to do quality research. Not only plagiarism act as detrimental for the field of scholarship but it has been found that this menace of plagiarism is prevalent among university students. Thereby affecting them in numerous tangible and intangible ways. Plagiarism is also regarded unethical because when a researcher projects somebody else’s work as his own original work, it might be regarded as a kind of fraud. It hurts the intellectual property right of the original owner, depicts disrespect of the researcher towards his peers and questions the integrity and honesty of the researcher.

 Therefore, the current seminar is an effort to enlighten the research scholars on research ethics and publication ethics. The seminar will provide the scholars with an overview on how to up bring an original research work and to understand the core principles of ethical research. Thereby the participant would strive to become an ethical researcher and produce an original quality research work.


The main objective of the seminar is to familiarize the participant with integrity and ethics in research and publication.

  • To build research capability among young scholars and faculties in the area of law, management, economics and other branches of social sciences.
  • To give insights on the right way to plan and handle each of the research stages
  • The participants will also receive specific guidance on how to approach every part of a research paper, including the introduction, methods, results, discussion, acknowledgments, literature citation etc.
  • To discuss and explore the possible solutions to overcome research challenges.
  • To ease research publication and getting it published in reputed journal with high impact factor.
  • To give opportunity to the participants to enhance their contribution with an impact in their respective research area.


The theme of the seminar is ‘Enhancing Research Integrity and Upholding Publication Ethics.’


  •  Research, Ethics and Academic Honesty 
  • Ethics in research writing and conflict of interests
  • Intellectual honesty
  • Academic Integrity: Research Misconduct/Fabrication/Unethical Practices
  • Academic/Research: Falsification, Manipulation or Tampering of Data
  • Literature Review and Proper Use of E-Resources 
  • Using Design thinking Methods to Avoid Plagiarism 
  • Writing Quality Academic Publications: Challenges to avoid plagiarism 
  • Modes of citation and Acknowledgment
  • Introduction to Reference Management Tools (RMT)
  • Plagiarism, types and modes to avoid it
  • Features and Functionalities of Anti-Plagiarism Software
  • Detection of Plagiarism by using Different Online Tools
  • Plagiarism Policies, Penalties and Consequences
  • Research metrics
  • Norms and rules governing prescriptive writing
  • Arrangement of content and structure of writing articles
  • Art of quoting judgements
  • Guide to legal citation
  • Citation of resources, articles, journals, reports etc

• Seminar invites faculty members and researchers from Law and related disciplines such as Social Science, Management, and Economics etc. all over the globe to participate and/or present paper.
• Researchers enrolled for LL.M/M.Phil. /Ph.D./PDF in a UGC recognized university/ foreign university/ deemed university/ colleges/ institutes of national importance or ICSSR Research institute can apply for the seminar.

• Submissions are to be made in electronic form only and are to be sent to the mail id [email protected]
• The paper should be in English, not exceeding 3000-5000 words (including abstract and excluding footnotes).
• The paper shall be submitted on or before 1st March, 2022.
• Co-authorship is permitted to a maximum of two authors.
• In case of co-authorship, each co-author should remit separate registration fee.
• The cover page should include Name, Address, E-mail ID, Contact number and the name of the College/University/Firm along with the address of the author. A brief profile of the author not exceeding 250 words should be attached.
• No part of the submission should have been published earlier nor should it be under consideration for publication or a contest elsewhere.
• All contributions must represent original ideas and interpretations coupled with critical evaluation and assessment.
• Any form of plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
• Authors of the selected papers will be informed through mail.
• Selected papers will be published in ISBN numbered book, participants will have to fill Form 2 consenting publication along with submission of full paper.

• The submission must follow the Bluebook system of citation, 20th edition.
• The submission is to be made in Times New Roman, Font Size: For Title - 16; For Headings - 14; Main Text - 12, Line spacing: 1.5, Footnote size: 10, Line Spacing 1.0 for footnotes.
• Alignment shall be justified. One inch margin to be maintained on all sides.
• Use of headings and subheadings must be in a consistent format.

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Event Details

• INR 500 for LL.M/M.Phil. /Ph.D./PDF participants opting for virtual mode.
• INR 1000 for LL.M/M.Phil. /Ph.D./PDF participants opting in person.
• INR 1000 for teachers/others opting for virtual mode.
• INR 1500 for teachers/ others opting in person.
*Payment mode will be intimated later.


* Submission of full paper with abstract (last date 01-03-2022)
(Submit to [email protected])
* Communication of status of full papers (last date 05-03-2022)
* Registration (last date 08-03-2022)


• The mode of seminar is HYBRID.
• The participants can participate and or present papers in virtual mode or in person.


For queries please contact:

Organizing Committee
[email protected]

Prof. (Dr.) Mini S.
Director, Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies
Email: [email protected]
Ph. +91 9446899009

Fathima Ibrahim
Doctoral Research Scholar, NUALS
Email: [email protected]
Ph. +91 9446276627

Vidyaprada K.S.
Doctoral Research Scholar, NUALS
Email: [email protected]
Ph. +91 8606934807