International Conference on ‘Sustainable Market Practices: Interplay Between Environmental Law and Competition Law’

The Centre for Competition Law and Policy, in collaboration with, the Centre for Environment Law at the National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi is organizing a three-day International Conference on ‘Sustainable Market Practices: Interplay Between Environmental Law and Competition Law’.


Competition law and policy, along with sustainable development must encourage sustainable market practices. It must give weight to consistent marketing actions that are in consonance with environmental policies and protection. Innovation and invention are the grund norm for economic development, that must however, calculate environmental impact and align with sustainable development goals.

Anti-competitive agreements and market abusive practices are major concerns under competition law. It is, however, more important to focus on green businesses and sustainable practices. When enterprises in the market shift to green business practices, they need to collaborate and harness their efforts and resources in support of sustainability objectives. Competition law may be perceived as a barrier to the much-needed co-operation and progress towards a more sustainable economy


  1. Environmental Jurisprudence v. Economic Jurisprudence
    Right to live in a healthy environment v. Freedom of trade and commerce (consumer rights v. constitutional rights)
    Trade Off Between Economics and Environmental Protection
    Market-based solutions – approach to resolve environmental problems
    Dynamic efficiency in competition law v. green consumerism
    Environmental regulations and anticompetitive practices
  2. Corporate Environmental Responsibility in India- Need for A Commitment Oriented Legal Approach
  3. Green Consumerism- A Path to Sustainability: Issues and Implications
    Green marketing as a source of competitive advantage of business
    Green Business to Save Environ- Human Rights
    Green brand preferences
    Green illusions governing CSR authorities
    Constitutional and legislative framework of green consumerism.
    Green growth and circular economy
    SCP- Challenges of going green
  4. Business And Sustainable Consumption
    How Indian companies are aligning with SDG 12
  5. Environmental Law and Industrial Ecology
  6. Ethical Consumerism and Environmental Elitism- Human Right Perspective
  7. Liberal Limits of Environmental Law

Research papers are invited from Academicians, Practitioners, Research Scholars and Students on the topics related to the above themes. Co-authorship to a maximum of 2 authors per paper is allowed. Authors of all the selected Abstracts/Papers will be given an opportunity to present their papers during the conference. Certificate to that effect shall also be provided.
Selected final papers will also be published in a special volume in the form of an edited book with ISBN number.
• Submission of Abstract: An abstract detailing the idea of your research paper must be submitted by September 10, 2021.
• The authors will be informed about the acceptance of their papers by September 18, 2021.
• Full paper must be submitted by September 30, 2021.

• Word limit of Abstract: 300-400 words. It shall be accompanied by a brief profile of the author(s) indicating their name(s), University/Organization/Institution, E-mail ID, contact number and official address.
• Word limit for final Paper: 3000-4000 words.
• Papers must be in Times New Roman, Font size 12 (for body of the paper) and 10 for footnotes, 1” margin on all sides with 1.5 line spacing in ‘.doc’ (MS Word) format.
• Style of citation: The Blue Book: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed.)
• All the Abstracts and final Papers must be mailed to the E-mail ID: [email protected]

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Event Details

The authors must register themselves before the submission of abstracts. However, payment shall be made after confirmation of acceptance of the abstract.
For author(s) (Scholars/Academicians/ researchers, etc.): Rs. 1200/-
For students: Rs. 800/- for each author.
Kindly note that the registration fee need to be individually paid by co-authors.


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