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About CWFS
The Centre for Women and Family Studies is established at NUALS in the year 2014 as the eighth centre of study and research which pursue excellence by gathering momentum through its wide-ranging and tremendous extension activities. The Centre aims to create and disseminate knowledge on various facets of women studies and assist the legislative and executive machinery in the process of formulation of laws and policies.

Theme description
Is law, fast losing its great m1ss10n and sense of adventure? Can we afford the separation of justice and law? Many inside the world of law and many more outside of it realise the fact of transformation taking place in the society and specifically the concept of family, the basic social institution and marriage the root behind the family. Social processes and the redefined versions of justice gave birth to redesigned concept of family and marriage. Despite the disturbing realities attached to the conventional concepts of family and marriage: the societal, cultural and religious pressure has somewhat exposed their reluctance to accept the principle of equality and gender justice. Surely the time has come for a complete reform of the laws on marriage, family , domestic relationship, gender equality , rethinking of gender roles and to make a deep dive into the new world of uniform application of law. But it is also required to be taken note of the need that modernization should not destroy basic concept of marriage and family, the objective and divine responsibilities vested in these institutions at one point of time. Doing justice is clearly a constitutional obligation. Promoting individual liberty and personal freedom is yet another obligation. The very idea of justice depends on the interest of the party and hence it is always desirable to adjudicate based on the anvil of constitutional principles, constitutional values and constitutional morality. Again as notions of social morality are inherently subjective, it cannot be used as a means to unduly interfere with the domain of personal autonomy. Gender justice is a facet of social justice and it need to be upheld but that should not be a weapon to transgress the responsibilities and duties as against the vested right and as against the equilibrium of the society. It should not lead to a tragic separation between law and justice.

• The Full paper with abstract should not exceed 4000 words ( exclusive of footnotes).
• The main text should be in Times New Roman with font size I 2 and spacing of I .5.
• The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, font size IO with single spacing.
• One inch margins on all sides should be maintained and citation should be blue book style.
• All submissions must be the author's original and unpublished work. Plagiarized submissions will be disqualified.
Selected papers will be intimated and only those authors can make their presentation online. All the selected papers will be published in a Book carrying ISBN.
• Papers selected for oral presentation will again be subjected to double blind peer review before it is published in the Book carrying ISBN
• It need to be emailed to [email protected] The file name of the paper should start with your name.
• Acceptance of paper will be duly intimated and only those authors can make their presentation online.

1. Gender Justice and Constitutional Values
2. Family and Gender Discrimination
3. Changing Concept of Family
4. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
5. Matrimonial Jurisprudence
6. Constitutional Jurisprudence and Family Law
7. Gender Justice and Third Gender
8. Gender Inequality in Personal Spaces and Private Sphere
9. Gender Justice and Judiciary
10. Gender Roles and Identity Issues
11. Women, Family and Social Change
12. Justice, Gender and Family

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    How can I get the link to the webinar? Is it only open to NUALS students?


    You can Register through this link
    And Send details of registration to the email id [email protected]

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